the GAME

Flash Soccer is a fast paced game carrying specific features and rules. Flash Goal empowers players by strengthening their technical ability to control and pass the ball quickly while constantly anticipating the opponent’s reactions. Flash Goal pushes players to get open, to envision where the ball will go and meet it THERE … where it matters.

Flash Goal is perfect for beginner players which need to understand and practice the foundation of “the beautiful game”.

Flash Goal is also ideal for the more experienced players because it integrates regular practice by challenging them to act and react quickly, to move the ball, to improve their first and second touch while looking at teammates’ movements. For a visual understanding of Flash Goal dynamics and benefits, see VIDEO of a recent adult tournament delivered in Atlanta.   HERE is a video about a youth tournament in Roswell (GA).

Dragon Goal and Flash Goal is a system. It is one of the most effective ways to learn and improve soccer quickly.

Whoever takes part in Flash Goal soccer matches must adhere to the rules and any other information contained in this publication and are expected to act in accordance with the Rules.

Depending on the field size, Flash Goal game formats are 2v2 , 3v3 and  4v4 (for adults) and up to 5v5 for kids (U5/U12). Larger Dragon Goal sizes can also be installed indoors or outdoors for Fustal Soccer (5 vs.5) and 7 vs.7 formats.

Particular emphasis is put on safety. Each player is responsible for the safety of the other players.  Players must ensure that their clothing or equipment does not constitute a danger to themselves or others (earrings, bracelets, watches, piercings)

Click Flash Soccer Rules and Regulations to download the PDF of our game formats and get ready to participate in local tournaments and leagues.