Dragon Goal fields create more opportunities to play soccer and touch the ball delivering great benefits for players, parents, coaches, businesses, and the community at large. We are also supporting and very much in-line with the recent protocol issued by the US Youth Soccer Federation about the crucial importance of small-sided games, here is why. More training and conditioning processes are also HERE.

Dragon Goal is perfect for:

  • Players: because it provides a unique environment for a fast paced and fun game
  • Parents: because it provides more opportunities for kids to play soccer in safe & controlled environments
  • Coaches: because it enhances players’ technical skills and overall responsiveness to complex soccer dynamics
  • Communities: because it activates areas and happily engages & connect youth and adults from all walks of life

Business Benefits:

  • Revenue Generation Programs and Events  |  Brand Placement & Exposure  |  Districts’ Economic and Social Development

We provide more opportunities to play soccer, have fun and improve skills:

  • Dragon Goal fields fit (almost) anywhere and all players receive great technical benefits and field awareness exposure even with a 15 minute practice or game