Soccer Genius  is a series of fun and realistic “game action” measurements, collected with sensor and radar technologies.  It provides instant feedback on players performance and the ability to compare with players also around the world.  Soccer Genius inspires players to improve themselves and is a great new dimension in coaching.

croppedWhat can be measured can be quantified,  what can be quantified can be evaluated  and what can be evaluated can be improved

Soccer Genius provides objective measurements (soccer metrics) to coaches, managers and players. We all know that young players respond to sensors, computers, radars, apps, fun competition, comparison and benchmarks and this is why they designed a protocol that seamlessly blends technology with science while delivering a very exciting experience for players of all ages and skill levels.

Further Soccer Genius process:

  • The players receive real time feedback on their performance on Soccer Genius computer screens;
  • Their measurements are recorded on Soccer Genius software and instantly prepared for export;
  • The player opens up the Soccer Genius app and they receive a private, password protected Soccer Genius evaluation. Evaluation is received by players as soon as coach pushes exports button;
  • The evaluations can be shared to team coach, technical director and can be compared at a macro level; club, club to club, city, state and country;
  • Players engage in a soccer charged, fun, competitive, learning environment and quickly receive an exported objective Benchmark;
  • When the players come to be accessed again they know their benchmark and they will want to do better!
  • All Soccer Genius results are archived and transferable from club to club. Each player receives a Personal Soccer Genius Profile Page.

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