Soccer Genius Camp

This personalized soccer camp will bring the art of the Beautiful Game right to your soccer player’s feet, brain, and emotions also utilizing our Soccer Genius protocol.

Camp is designed for a maximum of 15 players (to assure dedicated coaching time) and it will address overall athletic agility, first and second touch, shot accuracy, posture, field awareness and peripheral vision.

Soccer Genius training protocol will provide each camper with a super fun, motivational and scientific methodology: complete on your first day the Soccer Genius Measurements (via radar and sensor technologies), receive your BENCHMARK, practice and improve your performance during the camp and be ready to be measured again on the last day.

Soccer Genius Measurement Protocol = 5 realistic game-action stations:


Each day you will work with certified Soccer Genius Instructors and assistants to apply your passion in fast-paced games and improving your skills at each Soccer Genius station. We want players to have fun while learning. As soon as you finish a protocol your score will be available to you on the station screen and it will be seen by only you. If you feel you can do better, no problem, just rest a little and try again!

We know that all players become competitive when they participate in Soccer Genius and they all want to improve their benchmark. If you compete with yourself you become better.


  • June 4th to 8th – July 2nd to 6th (9am to 1pm – it includes lunch time)

    • For max 15 Players (YOB: 2012 – 2010). Fee is $250/player
  • June 4th to 8th – July 2nd to 6th (2pm to 5pm)
    • For max Players (YOB: 2009 – 2008). Fee is $225/player

Each Camp is managed by one Soccer Genius head coach and 2 coach assistants.

Contact us to enroll: orĀ  404 -798 6679

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