Dragon Goal USA brings to you highly effective “arena-type” fields to strengthen all levels of soccer practice. These European-designed soccer fields (by EUHERE SPORTS) are all enclosed rinks (with or without netting) and they are paired with a business model aimed to generate revenues for you and your Organization.

In all our small-sided soccer field solutions, players can focus on technical skills and experience fast-paced games in a contained environment that maximizes ball control frequency, field awareness, peripheral vision, while delivering happiness. Time lost in retrieving balls is also minimized or eliminated for rinks that include upper layers of netting. As contained spaces, all the rinks are ideal vehicles for brand exposure: logos and other graphics may be placed on the walls or the netting. Contact us to understand how to rent or to buy Dragon Goal units, which type and size best fits your needs and the turnaround time for delivery. We also provide overall consulting on how to utilize the products for tournaments, leagues and events in your club or community.

All Dragon Goal fields are modular, self-contained, and can be turf-equipped. They are easy to transport and install for both temporary and permanent installations. Contact us to inquire about pricing.

Standard field sizes are as following:  36’x49′ –  33’x39′ and  33’x52′

Larger and Customized sizes are also easily available
Brief History
Dragon Goal’s concept was created 25 years ago in Italy by “SERIA A” coach Mr.Corrado Orrico, as an innovative training tool for his professional teams.